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After the Examination

In most cases, you will receive your preliminary pass/fail result from the proctor at the testing center once you have completed your exam. Even with a pass result, the CPO® designation is not official until you receive your CPO® notification and certificate.

Notifications results will normally be mailed, via U.S. first class mail, within seven days of the end of the testing window. However, when a new version of the examination is released, a comprehensive statistical and psychometric analysis of the score data is conducted prior to the release of scores. A minimum number of candidates must have taken the examination for the analysis to be conducted. Accordingly, depending upon the schedule of test dates for a given cycle, there may be occasions when scores are delayed for up to six weeks in order to complete this critical process.

Results WILL NOT be released over the phone. In order to receive your results, your email and mailing address must be current and any change must be submitted to SMT in writing.

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